Kentucky Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Into Law

On April 2, 2023, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed a new legislation that legalizes medical marijuana for patients with qualifying medical conditions. Here are the key points of the new law:

  • Patients with qualifying medical conditions will be able to access medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation from licensed dispensaries.
  • Qualifying conditions include chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and nausea, among others.
  • Patients will not be permitted to grow their own marijuana.
  • A regulatory framework for medical marijuana production, distribution, and sales in the state is established.
  • The Kentucky Cannabis Research Board, a newly created state agency, will oversee the program and issue licenses to growers and dispensaries.
  • The board will be responsible for ensuring that all medical marijuana products meet certain quality and safety standards.

“This is a significant milestone for Kentucky, and we are proud to have taken this important step to help those who are suffering from debilitating medical conditions.”

Kentucky Governor Beshear

The new law went into effect immediately upon signing, although it may take some time for the program to be fully implemented. With the legalization of medical marijuana, Kentucky joins a growing number of states across the US that have passed similar laws in recent years.

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